Law Enforcement

An overview of the Law enforcement agencies' functions, jurisdiction, powers, responsibilities and personnel.

This course aims to familiarize its students with the operative systems created and regulated by the government that aim to establish and maintain the Rule of law.

It is focused on the bodies and professionals who are dedicated to upholding and enforcing the laws and statutes currently in force in a given jurisdiction.

The course explains how and why Law enforcement agencies possess numerous powers and responsibilities, granted to them by their governing bodies.

This course is presented as a series of short video lectures. There are no exams involved. The whole set of lectures will take a couple of hours to complete, if studies intensively. No special professional qualification is required in order to comprehend the course content in its entirety.

This course will be very useful to law enforcement professionals or trainees in the field, who are interested in acquiring deeper and more academic understanding on the matters regarding Law enforcement functioning, systems, and practices.

Intended Audience: students, professionals, lawyers, policemen

Law Enforcement Agencies
Agencies' responsibilities
Specific powers
Lawful interception, Evidence, Techniques
Officers, Part I
Officers, Part II

What's included

  • 10 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Tsvetelina Merjankova